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Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • Business Litigation: Summary Judgment Against Safeway

    A recent summary judgment in a case against Safeway Inc. shows businesses that how they say things online can have a profound impact on what they can do. Our California readers might find this summary judgment interesting. The complaint against Safeway was that the store was charging more for products ordered online and delivered to customers than they were charging at brick-and-mortar stores. The ...
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  • Businesses: Consider These Social Media Tips

    More and more businesses are developing a wide presence online. Not so long ago, businesses were considered savvy if they had an interactive website. Now, both high-tech businesses and more mainstream businesses often have blogs, pages on Facebook, a presence on Twitter and other followings on social media. Businesses can benefit from this kind of wide online presence, but they must also be ...
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  • 6 Types Of Business Structures In California

    For someone who is starting a business, deciding on the business structure is of optimal importance. The business structure you choose determines a variety of factors that will affect your business as long as it is up and running or until the structure is changes. For residents of California, there are six choices they must consider when starting business. The business structure affects the taxes ...
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