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Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • Intellectual Property Lawsuit Moves Forward Against Mattel

    Keeping your intellectual property protected is vital for any business. A stolen or borrowed idea can often lead to a monetary loss. When someone steals your intellectual property, you have the right to seek compensation and put a stop to the activity. A recent ruling in the Los Angeles Superior Court shows just how important it is for companies to respect the intellectual property of other ...
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  • Do You Need Legal Help When Securing Venture Financing?

    You have an idea. You have a brilliant idea. And as an entrepreneur, you have the drive to find financing for your idea. It would be lovely to think that a brilliant idea and the courage to see that idea realized are all one needs to succeed in business. However, a number of other factors will ultimately play into whether or not your idea is realized successfully. While some entrepreneurs are able ...
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  • Do I Need To Patent My Innovative Idea?

    Do you have a brilliant idea? Would this idea make people’s lives easier or bring more joy to them? Have you patented this idea? If not, why not? According to a survey recently conducted by, approximately one-third of Americans have an idea that they believe is worthy of a patent. However, only one-tenth of home-based inventors have ever taken a single legal step towards securing a ...
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  • Copyright, Patent, Trademark...What's The Difference?

    "Patent," "trademark" and "copyright" are all common terms, woven into American culture and frequently mentioned in the news. However, many people still have only a fuzzy idea of how these three terms differ and when each type of protection applies. Can you patent a book? Is a copyright the little symbol you see after a well-known slogan? Can a trademark protect the name of your rock band? ...
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