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Blog Posts in 2015

  • EB-1 Petition

    EB-1 (Employment based First Preference Immigration petition) is an immigration petition for those people who are recognized as being at the very top of their field and are coming to the United States to continue their work in that field. EB-1 is intended for "priority workers", and is relatively faster route, compared to all other employment based immigrant petitions. Unlike, most EB-2 and EB-3 ...
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  • Gillette Sues Dollar Shave For 'Cutting' In On Its Patent

    One of the biggest complaints people have about shaving is that it costs a lot of money to maintain smooth skin. Consumers can expect to pay double-digits for just a handful of shaving blades – a fact many consumers are none too happy about. Online businesses like Dollar Shave Club Inc. say they have the answer though, offering consumers quality razors at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, a ...
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  • Google And Apple Expand Into San Jose; Mayor Says City Is Perfect For This Type Of Growth.

    On December 15, Google and Apple announced that they have purchased more land in North San Jose as part of an expansion deal. Google confirmed the lease of two buildings at North First Street and East Trimble Road, with a total of 174,000 square feet. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo is optimistic about what this means for San Jose's future. He pointed to the presence of other tech companies such as ...
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  • Lawsuit: Middleman Business May Be Hurting Burger Chain's Image

    Owners of successful businesses understand that a company's image can be as important as the goods and services it offers. That's why many companies invest considerable money, time and legal resources into crafting and maintaining a positive "brand." They may even seek to control interactions between their customers and any third parties that also do business with the company. According to news ...
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  • Many Small Businesses Edged Out Of H-1B Visa Program

    California is home to some of the most innovative companies in the world. And because technology is at the heart of many of these businesses, recruiting top-notch talent is not always easy. In some cases, employers must look outside the United States for the particular workers that will best meet their business needs. In theory, hiring highly skilled foreign workers to work in the U.S. should be ...
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  • How Small Businesses Can Reduce Risks Of Employment Litigation

    Business owners face challenges at every stage of growth and development, and these challenges change over time. In the beginning, the biggest challenges tend to be things like finding customers and staying financially solvent. Of course, trying to operate on your own without any employees can also contribute to burnout. As your business grows, you may finally be able to hire employees. But this ...
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  • New California Law Helps Immigrant Victims Of Crime

    Undocumented immigrants in California and throughout the United States are eligible for a special visa if they have been the victim of a crime. The U-visa can make a significant impact on a person's life, but some requirements need to be met before a victim can obtain a U-visa. Law enforcement officials needed to sign paperwork to document the crime and their investigation during a victim's ...
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  • Patent Infringement Suit Being Closely Watched By Silicon Valley

    If you've ever purchased a color printer to use in your home office, the following scenario is likely a familiar one. You were pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the printer was, only to be shocked by the steep price of replacement ink cartridges. Manufacturers may have thought this was a clever way to improve profits, but the business model soon spawned a market for refurbished and refilled ...
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  • Cutting Business Costs Should Not Include Skipping Legal Advice

    If you are currently working to start a new business, chances are good that you've got money on your mind. More specifically, you may be consumed by worries about how much everything seems to cost. You began with a grand picture in your mind of the perfect workspace with the best equipment, but that picture probably became a little smaller once you started calculating expenses. This is a common ...
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  • Patent Troll Has 168 Cases Dismissed Simultaneously By One Judge

    By this point, most people know what a "patent troll" is. These are the individuals and businesses that patent a broad idea or concept and then try to sue as many companies as possible for infringement. They usually obtain settlements by acting on the knowledge that most companies don't want to go to court or cannot afford to do so. If you work in Silicon Valley, chances are good that your company ...
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  • Getting A Copyright Can Help In Infringement Claims

    When choosing a company with whom to do business, consumers oftentimes take a number of things into consideration. Ultimately though, consumers end up buying a product or receiving a service from a particular company because they know and trust that company. This trust oftentimes stems from carefully crafted branding messages and reliable products that are associated with that company. When ...
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  • Survey Says California Is Less Than Friendly To Small Businesses

    When it comes to successfully starting a small business, hard work and a sound business plan are crucial. Unfortunately, however, some factors influencing success or failure are outside of your control. One of these is the state you live in. In some ways, California is a great place to start a business. We have the nation's largest economy and the 8th largest economy worldwide. In other ways, ...
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  • Employment Contract Disputes May Need Presidential Intervention

    California residents recently experienced what can happen when unions and employers are unable to come to an agreement on a new contract. On the East Coast, another dispute has been going on since 2011. This may be one of those contract disputes that requires presidential intervention in order to be resolved. The contracts between the state's transit authority and its employees expired in 2011. ...
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  • Immigration Benefits Website Plagued By Delays And Cost Overruns

    The newest U.S. president will be elected in just over a year. For worse and better, this means that American news outlets will be staying focused primarily on political issues and social issues that have become political. High on the list in both categories: immigration. Regardless of party affiliation, the vast majority of Americans seem to agree with the idea that our nation's immigration ...
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  • U.S. Called Upon To Take In More Syrians Seeking Asylum

    The civil war in Syria coupled with ongoing conflicts in other Middle Eastern and North African nations has resulted in millions of refugees fleeing to Europe. For the estimated four million Syrian refugees desperate to escape the stark realities of war and violence, many regard the perilous voyage to Europe as their only hope of staying alive and rebuilding their lives. For many Americans, the ...
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