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Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Google Plans To Shake Up The Intellectual Property Market

    Many California inventors obtain patents for their ideas and then look for a company to purchase them in the belief that the buyer will make the ideas a reality. Unfortunately, many companies who purchase intellectual property such as patents do so in order to enforce it through the filing of litigation. Other companies purchase them in order to control the competition, having little or no ...
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  • Working Full-Time During Business Formation And Planning

    Starting a new business can take a significant amount of time. This is why many California entrepreneurs continue to work a full-time job during business formation and planning. Having a steady income can provide a certain amount of security, but it may also mean getting a business off the ground could take longer. For many people, this is an acceptable trade off. Forming a business may be as ...
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  • Patents, And Trademarks, And Copyrights... Oh, My!

    If you own a high-tech business owner in Silicon Valley, chances are that you have intellectual property that needs to be protected against infringement. In fact, the success of high-tech businesses is often directly tied to how well they have protected their inventions, ideas and technology from being stolen. But if you are confused or overwhelmed by the intellectual property legal lingo, don’t ...
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  • Wage Considerations For 'Side' Work

    If you are forming a business or already have an established business, you may have any number of questions about wage and hour laws. Federal and state governments have passed numerous laws aimed at protecting the compensation rights of workers. If you fail to pay workers proper wages or if you fail to honor certain restrictions on the hours that employees can be on-duty, you may face ...
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