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Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • You Know And Love Google, But Will 'Alphabet' Be As Popular?

    What's in a name? Well, if you are a company, the answer is: everything. America is a consumer culture, and a company's long-term viability relies heavily on branding and brand loyalty. Sometimes, a company's brand is entirely built on the quality of their products or services. Other times, customers are drawn to the "cool factor" associated with a certain brand (especially when it comes to ...
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  • The Competition For H-1B Visas Continues To Escalate

    There are many types of non-immigrant visas available to individuals seeking employment in the United States. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean such visas are easy to obtain. In fact, employment-based immigration issues are some of the biggest headaches faced by California companies and the talented individuals they want to hire. Perhaps the most widely known employment visa is the H-1B . These ...
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  • Famous Late-Night Comedian Sued For Alleged Copyright Infringement

    In our last post, we discussed the complexities of copyright protection on social media sites and on the Internet generally. Writers and comedians frequently communicate with fans through shorts quips on Twitter, and the material in these tweets is sometimes redistributed without attribution to the original author. That scenario was just one of many examples we could have used. As coincidence ...
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  • Copyright Protection Of User Content In The World Of Social Media

    The internet and social media have really managed to complicate copyright law, which was already complicated to begin with. On one hand, many people view social media posts (Facebook posts, tweets, etc.) as ephemeral. We share a joke or a quick observation with little regard for who may share it again without our permission. On the other hand, some writers and entertainers consider the things they ...
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