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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Basic Contracts Every Startup Should Have

    When it comes to startup opportunity, technology is the sector that rules. And few regions of the country are as prominent as entrepreneurial hotspots as Silicon Valley. With all the major tech firms that call California home and the huge number of bright thinkers they employ, it's safe to say that there are more than a few nascent companies trying to get off the ground right now. They may only ...
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  • Learning From Anthem's Significant Security Breach

    Over the past two years, numerous large companies have experienced significant data breaches. These data breaches have impacted the reputations of these businesses, their public perception and their bottom-line. It is therefore important that all businesses which have yet to be affected by a data security breach learn from the experiences of those who have been affected. It does not matter if a ...
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  • Understanding Trademark Tacking - Part II

    In our last pos t, we began a discussion about trademark tacking. We explained that a case recently decided by the United States Supreme Court may alter the stakes of certain trademark protection cases. This is a vitally important topic, given that trademarked intellectual property may be among the most valuable assets that any given business retains. The Supreme Court has determined that ...
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  • Understanding Trademark Tacking - Part I

    Intellectual property can be among the most valuable assets that a business possesses. As a result, many businesses work hard to protect their intellectual property . With the aid of attorneys experienced in both business and intellectual property laws, these businesses copyright, trademark and patent their intellectual property carefully, consistently and adequately. This kind of protection ...
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