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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Starting a Business on the Right Foot Can Pay Off in The Long Run

    California is home to countless innovative businesses and unique start-up companies. Many hopeful entrepreneurs in this state are able to create a place for themselves in the market, but there is no guarantee that a business will be successful. It can be crucial for business owners to understand how to set themselves up for success by first making sure they understand the legal aspects of starting ...
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  • Reasons To Switch Your Registered Agent

    Laws which govern the formation and operation of businesses and corporations within the United States are both complex and nuanced. As a result, it is generally important to regularly consult with an attorney experienced in business and corporate law, given that failure to comply with these nuanced and complex laws can result in a host of potentially costly negative consequences. An experienced ...
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  • New Laws California Employers Need To Comply With - Part II

    Last week, we began a discussion about new California laws that have either recently become effective or will become effective soon. Specifically, we discussed a new law that requires businesses to provide workers with paid sick leave beginning July 1 of this year. In addition, we discussed the new law that requires employers who must train their supervisors in certain sexual harassment matters to ...
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  • Two New Laws California Employers Need To Comply With

    A new year means new laws for California employers to comply with. There were several new laws that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015 that business owners will want to take the time to understand to insure that their business practices are not violating state law. Today, we will be discussing two of the most important new laws for employers to be aware of. First, businesses of all sizes will be ...
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  • Should I have contracts and documents notarized in California?

    One thing that no business owner enjoys is being taken to court because of a contract dispute. Not only do contract disputes place a stress on the business owner, they can also affect the financial situation of the company. The business owner will likely have to miss work and could have to hire an attorney as the dispute moves forward. Is there a way to protect my company from contract disputes? ...
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