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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • Business Litigation Filed By California Man Alleging Idea Theft

    A company called Uber Technologies Inc. created a ride-sharing system that was reportedly worth nearly $40 billion at its last valuation. A California man recently filed business litigation against the company and its Chief Executive Officer claiming the original idea for the program was his. Uber says it will fight the lawsuit and claims that the man's allegations are without basis. The ...
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  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property -- Patent Infringement

    Many inventors in California apply for and receive patents leading them to believe that their property is protected. However, simply having a patent does not guarantee that someone else will not infringe upon it. Fortunately, federal intellectual property laws allow for the award of both monetary and non-monetary damages through civil litigation in a federal court. Patent infringement occurs when ...
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  • Considering Growth During Business Formation And Planning

    Every California entrepreneur who starts a new business wants to see it grow. During the business formation and planning stages, most people will create a five-year plan that takes growth into consideration. However, it may be more advantageous to revisit that plan each year and make adjustments based on how the business is doing at that time. When a company is first formed, it is difficult to ...
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  • IMAX Corp. Files Business Litigation Alleging Breach Of Contract

    Many businesses throughout California contract with other companies to lease equipment needed to run their businesses. Typically, one company agrees to provide certain equipment for a specified time in exchange for monetary compensation from the other party. If one party fails to adhere to the provisions of the agreement, business litigation may be filed, requesting monetary and/or non-monetary ...
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