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Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Patent Infringement Suit Being Closely Watched By Silicon Valley

    If you've ever purchased a color printer to use in your home office, the following scenario is likely a familiar one. You were pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the printer was, only to be shocked by the steep price of replacement ink cartridges. Manufacturers may have thought this was a clever way to improve profits, but the business model soon spawned a market for refurbished and refilled ...
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  • Cutting Business Costs Should Not Include Skipping Legal Advice

    If you are currently working to start a new business, chances are good that you've got money on your mind. More specifically, you may be consumed by worries about how much everything seems to cost. You began with a grand picture in your mind of the perfect workspace with the best equipment, but that picture probably became a little smaller once you started calculating expenses. This is a common ...
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  • Patent Troll Has 168 Cases Dismissed Simultaneously By One Judge

    By this point, most people know what a "patent troll" is. These are the individuals and businesses that patent a broad idea or concept and then try to sue as many companies as possible for infringement. They usually obtain settlements by acting on the knowledge that most companies don't want to go to court or cannot afford to do so. If you work in Silicon Valley, chances are good that your company ...
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  • Getting A Copyright Can Help In Infringement Claims

    When choosing a company with whom to do business, consumers oftentimes take a number of things into consideration. Ultimately though, consumers end up buying a product or receiving a service from a particular company because they know and trust that company. This trust oftentimes stems from carefully crafted branding messages and reliable products that are associated with that company. When ...
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  • Survey Says California Is Less Than Friendly To Small Businesses

    When it comes to successfully starting a small business, hard work and a sound business plan are crucial. Unfortunately, however, some factors influencing success or failure are outside of your control. One of these is the state you live in. In some ways, California is a great place to start a business. We have the nation's largest economy and the 8th largest economy worldwide. In other ways, ...
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