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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • Employment Contract Disputes May Need Presidential Intervention

    California residents recently experienced what can happen when unions and employers are unable to come to an agreement on a new contract. On the East Coast, another dispute has been going on since 2011. This may be one of those contract disputes that requires presidential intervention in order to be resolved. The contracts between the state's transit authority and its employees expired in 2011. ...
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  • Immigration Benefits Website Plagued By Delays And Cost Overruns

    The newest U.S. president will be elected in just over a year. For worse and better, this means that American news outlets will be staying focused primarily on political issues and social issues that have become political. High on the list in both categories: immigration. Regardless of party affiliation, the vast majority of Americans seem to agree with the idea that our nation's immigration ...
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  • U.S. Called Upon To Take In More Syrians Seeking Asylum

    The civil war in Syria coupled with ongoing conflicts in other Middle Eastern and North African nations has resulted in millions of refugees fleeing to Europe. For the estimated four million Syrian refugees desperate to escape the stark realities of war and violence, many regard the perilous voyage to Europe as their only hope of staying alive and rebuilding their lives. For many Americans, the ...
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  • Attorneys Prepared To Help You With All Types Of Contract Disputes

    From the time that children first learn to talk, they begin to test their boundaries. They quickly learn which rules are enforced and which rules can be broken. They also learn which parent/caregiver will follow through on threatened consequences and which parent/caregiver is all talk. Even as adults, human beings test their boundaries. Unfortunately, this means that companies and business owners ...
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