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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • Dept. Of Labor Wants More Companies Classified As Joint Employers

    The average person's work experience in America has changed dramatically over the past half-century. It used to be the case that a worker just out of college could get hired by a company and stay with that organization for most or all of his career. But for better and worse, these kinds of career-long employment opportunities rarely exist anymore. Instead, the average American worker can expect to ...
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  • Important Patent Review Case Goes Before The U.S. Supreme Court

    There's little debate about the fact that America's patent system has its share of problems. Especially in recent decades, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has "rubber stamped" too many patent applications, effectively issuing patents that would not hold up under careful scrutiny. Usually, these patents are for broad concepts or vague business processes. Challenging or defending the validity ...
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  • Is Your Company Prepared To Respond To Sex Harassment Allegations?

    It is generally understood that work environments in Silicon Valley are unlike those in the rest of the United States. Whether the business is a small tech startup or a more established company, everything about the work experience tends to be more fluid. Work may happen at all hours of the day and night, colleagues become friends and the boundaries between professional and personal life start to ...
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  • California's New Minimum Wage Law Is In Effect

    On January 1, 2016, California's minimum wage was raised from $9 per hour to $10 per hour for most employees. Because there are a few exceptions, it is important to understand how the law may affect you or your business. At $10 per hour, California currently has the highest state minimum wage in the country. Employers governed by state and federal laws are required to comply with the law that is ...
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  • The IP Lawsuit Filed By The Grumpy Owners Of A Famous Cat

    As we wrote in a post last week, protecting your intellectual property has never been more important than it is now in the internet age. This is true for software developers, but also for anyone with a marketable idea, song or image. Fortunes can be made online by leveraging the unlikeliest of viral sensations. A good example of this phenomenon is "Grumpy Cat," a real housecat who always appears ...
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  • Eb-1 签证申请

    EB-1 (第一类优先职业移民申请) 是针对在各领域有杰出技能,才能,并将来美继续从事相同行业的行业精英。EB-1 签证是第一类优先签证,也是相对来说最快速获得绿卡的签证种类。和 EB-2 及 EB-3 不同,EB-1 签证申请人无需经过漫长的"劳工部验证"程序,只需通常 4-6 个月的等待即可拿到绿卡。 EB-1 签证相对其他职业移民绿卡的最大优势是,由于没有排期,在申请 I-140(移民申请)的同时,可以一起提交 I-485(转换身份申请)。I-485 的申请意味着申请人可以快速获得提前离境许可证和工作许可证,申请人的家庭成员也可以同时申请 I-485。 下面是三种不同的 EB-1 签证细分: 特殊人才(EB-1A)- 这个分类的设立是为那些在科学,艺术,教育,商业和体育领域有杰出贡献和成就的人才,此类人才需是经过国家或世界范围肯定的。 杰出研究者/杰出教授(EB-1B)- ...
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  • The Importance Of Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    Software developers these days often face a frustrating dilemma. Online piracy is so common and so easy that many people no longer see the point registering patents or copyrights. Enforcement just seems too cumbersome. While this attitude is certainly understandable, it is nonetheless misguided. If you are a software developer, it's now more important than ever before to protect your intellectual ...
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