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Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • What you need to know about forming a business

    Many people have an entrepreneurial spirit, and that's a tremendous gift to have. It also means you will have a lot of responsibility when you start your own business. When you go this route, you will have to consider a lot of very critical issues to ensure your business is successful. First and foremost, you have to make the decision to start your company . Great! But it's not as simple as just ...
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  • Digital Spring Cleaning

    Spring can be a good time to catch up on important chores. This is not only the case for households, but for businesses as well. Now, spring cleaning regarding their physical workplace is not the only type of spring cleaning that can be helpful for businesses. So too can spring cleaning regarding their digital presence and practices. Here are some digital spring cleaning steps California business ...
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  • Employment-Based Visas: Critical Pieces To The Working Puzzle

    When it comes to attaining new, skilled employees who show a lot of promise, companies don't care where they come from. What they do need to care about is making sure that every hire is done properly and is in compliance with the law. So when companies look abroad to recruit new talent, they need to make sure that every step they take is done so methodically and legally. Employment visas are ...
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  • How To Draft A Business Plan To Protect Your Company

    Proper planning is required if your dream is to start a business in Silicon Valley. A detailed business plan will go a long way in helping you start your business as well as ensure your business goals are protected in the future. Your idea needs to be developed and for your business to succeed, you need to understand the market, your competition and how to set your business goals to make your ...
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  • Defining a trademark, and why the mark is important

    Most people have heard of a trademark before, and even if they don't know what a trademark is, they can probably recognize the iconic "TM" symbol near a logo, word or phrase. A trademark is actually quite simple : it signifies that the mark (may that be a logo, word, phrase or something else) is of a certain source and shouldn't be confused with other sources that may make similar products. ...
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  • Preparing for what comes after a breach of contract

    Contracts are a staple in the world of business. They are entered into by individual parties, companies, subcontractors, real estate developers, and really anyone trying to see a project to its completion or attempting to garner a positive and fruitful professional partnership. However, not every contract is fulfilled in the way the parties intend it to be. Sometimes one party fails to hold up ...
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