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Recent Posts in Business Formation and Planning Category

  • What you need to know about forming a business

    Many people have an entrepreneurial spirit, and that's a tremendous gift to have. It also means you will have a lot of responsibility when you start your own business. When you go this route, you will have to consider a lot of very critical issues to ensure your business is successful. First and foremost, you have to make the decision to start your company . Great! But it's not as simple as just ...
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  • How To Draft A Business Plan To Protect Your Company

    Proper planning is required if your dream is to start a business in Silicon Valley. A detailed business plan will go a long way in helping you start your business as well as ensure your business goals are protected in the future. Your idea needs to be developed and for your business to succeed, you need to understand the market, your competition and how to set your business goals to make your ...
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  • Cutting Business Costs Should Not Include Skipping Legal Advice

    If you are currently working to start a new business, chances are good that you've got money on your mind. More specifically, you may be consumed by worries about how much everything seems to cost. You began with a grand picture in your mind of the perfect workspace with the best equipment, but that picture probably became a little smaller once you started calculating expenses. This is a common ...
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  • Survey Says California Is Less Than Friendly To Small Businesses

    When it comes to successfully starting a small business, hard work and a sound business plan are crucial. Unfortunately, however, some factors influencing success or failure are outside of your control. One of these is the state you live in. In some ways, California is a great place to start a business. We have the nation's largest economy and the 8th largest economy worldwide. In other ways, ...
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  • New Credit Card Chips And Business Formation And Planning

    The familiar magnetic stripes on credit cards are going to begin to disappear as of Oct. 1, 2015. New credit cards will have chips in them, which is supposed to deter thieves from making counterfeit cards. This change will create a new burden on small business owners since the new cards require new equipment and software. The penalty for not converting to the new credit card system is that the ...
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  • The Business Formation And Planning That Goes Into An LLC

    A lot of preparation goes into starting a new company in California. The business formation and planning stages include a choice of entity structure. When the chosen entity is a limited liability company, several steps much be taken before the entity becomes legal and available to do business. First, and possibly the most fun part of the process, is to choose a name for the company. The only ...
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  • Considering Growth During Business Formation And Planning

    Every California entrepreneur who starts a new business wants to see it grow. During the business formation and planning stages, most people will create a five-year plan that takes growth into consideration. However, it may be more advantageous to revisit that plan each year and make adjustments based on how the business is doing at that time. When a company is first formed, it is difficult to ...
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  • Working Full-Time During Business Formation And Planning

    Starting a new business can take a significant amount of time. This is why many California entrepreneurs continue to work a full-time job during business formation and planning. Having a steady income can provide a certain amount of security, but it may also mean getting a business off the ground could take longer. For many people, this is an acceptable trade off. Forming a business may be as ...
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  • Wage Considerations For 'Side' Work

    If you are forming a business or already have an established business, you may have any number of questions about wage and hour laws. Federal and state governments have passed numerous laws aimed at protecting the compensation rights of workers. If you fail to pay workers proper wages or if you fail to honor certain restrictions on the hours that employees can be on-duty, you may face ...
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  • Thinking About Non-Compete Agreements

    When you are forming a business , you must make a host of potentially difficult decisions which will ultimately affect the ways in which your business is structured, operated and received. It is important to discuss these decisions with an experienced attorney, as failure to do so could lead to tricky legal consequences down the road. For example, when you are thinking about hiring employees for ...
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  • Social Media Isn't Just For Teens. It's A Powerful Business Tool.

    Social media has revolutionized more than the way teenagers communicate. It has revolutionized the way we do business. It has become a powerful aspect of marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and companies. Mike Kawula says it is more than a powerful tool. He said it is a “must have” for success. Who is Mike Kawula? He is an entrepreneur who has been given the nickname “The Self Employed King” ...
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  • How Much Do You Know About Two Important California Tax Credits?

    Those who have invested the time, energy and resources into starting their own business obviously want to do everything in their power to ensure its continued success. As such, it's important for business owners to make a concerted effort to stay apprised of not just legal developments, but any legislative actions that could influence their bottom line. This is especially true when it comes to ...
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  • Basic Contracts Every Startup Should Have

    When it comes to startup opportunity, technology is the sector that rules. And few regions of the country are as prominent as entrepreneurial hotspots as Silicon Valley. With all the major tech firms that call California home and the huge number of bright thinkers they employ, it's safe to say that there are more than a few nascent companies trying to get off the ground right now. They may only ...
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  • Learning From Anthem's Significant Security Breach

    Over the past two years, numerous large companies have experienced significant data breaches. These data breaches have impacted the reputations of these businesses, their public perception and their bottom-line. It is therefore important that all businesses which have yet to be affected by a data security breach learn from the experiences of those who have been affected. It does not matter if a ...
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  • Starting a Business on the Right Foot Can Pay Off in The Long Run

    California is home to countless innovative businesses and unique start-up companies. Many hopeful entrepreneurs in this state are able to create a place for themselves in the market, but there is no guarantee that a business will be successful. It can be crucial for business owners to understand how to set themselves up for success by first making sure they understand the legal aspects of starting ...
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  • Do You Need Legal Help When Securing Venture Financing?

    You have an idea. You have a brilliant idea. And as an entrepreneur, you have the drive to find financing for your idea. It would be lovely to think that a brilliant idea and the courage to see that idea realized are all one needs to succeed in business. However, a number of other factors will ultimately play into whether or not your idea is realized successfully. While some entrepreneurs are able ...
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