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Recent Posts in Business Litigation Category

  • Digital Spring Cleaning

    Spring can be a good time to catch up on important chores. This is not only the case for households, but for businesses as well. Now, spring cleaning regarding their physical workplace is not the only type of spring cleaning that can be helpful for businesses. So too can spring cleaning regarding their digital presence and practices. Here are some digital spring cleaning steps California business ...
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  • Company's Free Advertising May Prove To Be Very Expensive

    When it comes to effective advertising, most professionals agree that location is crucial. You need to put ads where they will be seen by the most people in order to get the maximum return on your investment. But what happens if your business' advertising campaign interferes with the advertising rights that a rival company paid top dollar for? This scenario is currently playing out in court ...
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  • Dept. Of Labor Wants More Companies Classified As Joint Employers

    The average person's work experience in America has changed dramatically over the past half-century. It used to be the case that a worker just out of college could get hired by a company and stay with that organization for most or all of his career. But for better and worse, these kinds of career-long employment opportunities rarely exist anymore. Instead, the average American worker can expect to ...
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  • Is Your Company Prepared To Respond To Sex Harassment Allegations?

    It is generally understood that work environments in Silicon Valley are unlike those in the rest of the United States. Whether the business is a small tech startup or a more established company, everything about the work experience tends to be more fluid. Work may happen at all hours of the day and night, colleagues become friends and the boundaries between professional and personal life start to ...
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  • Lawsuit: Middleman Business May Be Hurting Burger Chain's Image

    Owners of successful businesses understand that a company's image can be as important as the goods and services it offers. That's why many companies invest considerable money, time and legal resources into crafting and maintaining a positive "brand." They may even seek to control interactions between their customers and any third parties that also do business with the company. According to news ...
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  • How Small Businesses Can Reduce Risks Of Employment Litigation

    Business owners face challenges at every stage of growth and development, and these challenges change over time. In the beginning, the biggest challenges tend to be things like finding customers and staying financially solvent. Of course, trying to operate on your own without any employees can also contribute to burnout. As your business grows, you may finally be able to hire employees. But this ...
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  • Attorneys Prepared To Help You With All Types Of Contract Disputes

    From the time that children first learn to talk, they begin to test their boundaries. They quickly learn which rules are enforced and which rules can be broken. They also learn which parent/caregiver will follow through on threatened consequences and which parent/caregiver is all talk. Even as adults, human beings test their boundaries. Unfortunately, this means that companies and business owners ...
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  • Apple Wins Appeal On Damages Award In Business Litigation

    In May 2013, a company called Smartflash sued Apple claiming that the California-based company infringed on several of its patents. The business litigation concluded on Feb. 24, when the jury agreed with Smartflash that Apple's iTunes unlawfully used three of its patents. Smartflash was awarded $532.9 million in unpaid royalties by the jury. Apple appealed the award, contending that the jury might ...
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  • Business Litigation Re Cell Phone Use Brings Up Valid Concern

    Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, and many people end up using one for work-related activities. Recent business litigation here in California brings up a valid concern for both employees and employers -- reimbursement to workers for on-the-job mobile phone use. A California appellate court recently affirmed the decision of the trail court that "reasonable compensation" for personal cell ...
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  • Takata Corp. Could Face Business Litigation In Airbag Recall

    Nearly everyone in California has heard about the problems with Takata Corp.'s airbags. As more automakers are forced to issue recalls due to the faulty airbags, Takata could find itself facing business litigation . Lawsuits could come not only from automakers that are spending time and money in connection with the recall, but claims could also come from the families of the people who have been ...
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  • Business Litigation Filed By California Man Alleging Idea Theft

    A company called Uber Technologies Inc. created a ride-sharing system that was reportedly worth nearly $40 billion at its last valuation. A California man recently filed business litigation against the company and its Chief Executive Officer claiming the original idea for the program was his. Uber says it will fight the lawsuit and claims that the man's allegations are without basis. The ...
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  • IMAX Corp. Files Business Litigation Alleging Breach Of Contract

    Many businesses throughout California contract with other companies to lease equipment needed to run their businesses. Typically, one company agrees to provide certain equipment for a specified time in exchange for monetary compensation from the other party. If one party fails to adhere to the provisions of the agreement, business litigation may be filed, requesting monetary and/or non-monetary ...
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  • Avoiding Business Disputes Related To The ADA

    The Americans with Disabilities Act helps to ensure that disabled Americans may avoid discrimination in a host of different situations. One of the most pressing aims of the ADA is to ensure that disabled workers are not illegally discriminated against by their employers. However, it is important to note that certain provisions of the ADA only apply to businesses of a certain size. In addition, it ...
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  • Reasons To Switch Your Registered Agent

    Laws which govern the formation and operation of businesses and corporations within the United States are both complex and nuanced. As a result, it is generally important to regularly consult with an attorney experienced in business and corporate law, given that failure to comply with these nuanced and complex laws can result in a host of potentially costly negative consequences. An experienced ...
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  • New Laws California Employers Need To Comply With - Part II

    Last week, we began a discussion about new California laws that have either recently become effective or will become effective soon. Specifically, we discussed a new law that requires businesses to provide workers with paid sick leave beginning July 1 of this year. In addition, we discussed the new law that requires employers who must train their supervisors in certain sexual harassment matters to ...
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  • Two New Laws California Employers Need To Comply With

    A new year means new laws for California employers to comply with. There were several new laws that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2015 that business owners will want to take the time to understand to insure that their business practices are not violating state law. Today, we will be discussing two of the most important new laws for employers to be aware of. First, businesses of all sizes will be ...
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  • Business Litigation: Summary Judgment Against Safeway

    A recent summary judgment in a case against Safeway Inc. shows businesses that how they say things online can have a profound impact on what they can do. Our California readers might find this summary judgment interesting. The complaint against Safeway was that the store was charging more for products ordered online and delivered to customers than they were charging at brick-and-mortar stores. The ...
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  • Businesses: Consider These Social Media Tips

    More and more businesses are developing a wide presence online. Not so long ago, businesses were considered savvy if they had an interactive website. Now, both high-tech businesses and more mainstream businesses often have blogs, pages on Facebook, a presence on Twitter and other followings on social media. Businesses can benefit from this kind of wide online presence, but they must also be ...
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