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Recent Posts in Employment Immigration Category

  • Employment-Based Visas: Critical Pieces To The Working Puzzle

    When it comes to attaining new, skilled employees who show a lot of promise, companies don't care where they come from. What they do need to care about is making sure that every hire is done properly and is in compliance with the law. So when companies look abroad to recruit new talent, they need to make sure that every step they take is done so methodically and legally. Employment visas are ...
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  • Immigration Benefits Website Plagued By Delays And Cost Overruns

    The newest U.S. president will be elected in just over a year. For worse and better, this means that American news outlets will be staying focused primarily on political issues and social issues that have become political. High on the list in both categories: immigration. Regardless of party affiliation, the vast majority of Americans seem to agree with the idea that our nation's immigration ...
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