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Businesses: Consider These Social Media Tips

Posted on in Business Litigation

More and more businesses are developing a wide presence online. Not so long ago, businesses were considered savvy if they had an interactive website. Now, both high-tech businesses and more mainstream businesses often have blogs, pages on Facebook, a presence on Twitter and other followings on social media. Businesses can benefit from this kind of wide online presence, but they must also be careful to develop a social media approach in the right ways.

Much like advertisements in print media, on television and on the radio, online advertisements must follow certain guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to unfair competition lawsuits, warnings from federal agencies and other legal claims. If you have questions about any advertising practice that your business is considering, please consult an experienced attorney before you post those advertisements on social media or on other outlets online.

In addition, it is just as important to seek permission to use music, pictures and other intellectual property on social media as it is in other forums. As a business, you are going to be subject to more intense public scrutiny than many other entities are. If you fail to secure proper permissions before you use another individual's intellectual property, you may be subject to infringement claims.

Finally, be careful when assigning permissions for your business's social media account. If you allow too many people access to the account, it will become more difficult to determine who has engaged in inappropriate conduct on the account, should any such trouble occur.

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