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On December 15, Google and Apple announced that they have purchased more land in North San Jose as part of an expansion deal. Google confirmed the lease of two buildings at North First Street and East Trimble Road, with a total of 174,000 square feet.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo is optimistic about what this means for San Jose's future. He pointed to the presence of other tech companies such as Silver Springs Network and Splunk as a sign of the city's rising popularity with these types of businesses. The mayor highlighted San Jose's ability to handle such growth, saying, "We welcome the scale and are happy to promote tech companies."

New businesses mean opportunity for continued growth and more jobs. Of course, there may also be challenges for the city and its residents as thousands of workers commute to the new sites. How the city responds to the increasing number of large companies buying or leasing land can make a difference in its livability for current residents. Zoning issues, land use and the impact on infrastructure are just some of the potential complications the city may face as more tech companies move to San Jose.


For someone who is starting a business, deciding on the business structure is of optimal importance. The business structure you choose determines a variety of factors that will affect your business as long as it is up and running or until the structure is changes. For residents of California, there are six choices they must consider when starting business.

The business structure affects the taxes that must be paid by the business. It affects what types of paperwork you must file for your business. It also affects how much of a personal liability you have in the investments into your business.

The six types of business structures in California are the corporation, the limited liability company, the limited liability partnership, the limited partnership, the general partnership and the sole proprietorship.

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