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Do I Need To Patent My Innovative Idea?

Posted on in Intellectual Property

Do you have a brilliant idea? Would this idea make people's lives easier or bring more joy to them? Have you patented this idea? If not, why not? According to a survey recently conducted by Findlaw.com, approximately one-third of Americans have an idea that they believe is worthy of a patent. However, only one-tenth of home-based inventors have ever taken a single legal step towards securing a patent for their brilliant ideas.

If you have an innovative idea that you think is patent-worthy, please consider speaking with an experienced attorney about patenting that concept. Oftentimes, intellectual property is an extremely valuable asset. Without the legal protections that patents provide, inventors may find themselves staring at a "their" product, manufactured by someone else who did take the time to patent the ideas behind the product. Without legal protection, you cannot generally hold another financially or otherwise accountable for realizing and profiting off of your idea.

One of the most popular television shows currently airing is "Shark Tank." On this particular show, everyday inventors present their brilliant ideas to a panel of investors. If the idea fits the vision and needs of a given investor, that investor offers the inventor of that idea capital in exchange for a share of the profits, a stake in the company or some other trade-off.

One of the reasons why this program appeals to so many Americans is that so many of us have brilliant ideas we would love to realize and profit off of. In order to do just this, it is important to first speak with our San Jose intellectual property lawyers about securing a patent. Step one in realizing your dream is protecting it soundly.

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