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Do You Need Legal Help When Securing Venture Financing?

Posted on in Business Formation and Planning

You have an idea. You have a brilliant idea. And as an entrepreneur, you have the drive to find financing for your idea. It would be lovely to think that a brilliant idea and the courage to see that idea realized are all one needs to succeed in business. However, a number of other factors will ultimately play into whether or not your idea is realized successfully.

While some entrepreneurs are able to secure personal financing or startup loans from loved ones, many others benefit from venture financing. When small and medium-sized businesses or aspiring businesses seek to realize their visions, they often turn to venture capitalists in order to secure the funding necessary to do so. The relationship between entrepreneur and venture capitalist can be a fruitful one. But it may generally only be so if it is structured in a fair way and both parties are given sound legal advice before drafting any potentially unfair contracts.

Although one does not always technically require the guidance of an attorney when securing venture financing, consulting with an attorney experienced in this area of law can be very beneficial. Attorneys are bound to advocate for their clients and to advise their clients with the most current laws in mind. Unless you are personally trained in the areas of law which affect venture financing contracts and relationships, you can likely benefit from the guidance of attorneys who are trained accordingly.

If you want to see your idea realized and to seek venture financing in a fair and competitive way, please consider speaking with our San Jose venture financing lawyers before signing any legal agreements with a venture capitalist or a venture financing firm.

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