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Getting A Copyright Can Help In Infringement Claims

Posted on in Intellectual Property

When choosing a company with whom to do business, consumers oftentimes take a number of things into consideration. Ultimately though, consumers end up buying a product or receiving a service from a particular company because they know and trust that company. This trust oftentimes stems from carefully crafted branding messages and reliable products that are associated with that company.

When imitators try to pass off their own work as that of the trusted company, consumers may be lost, especially if the product is defective or the service is poor. These negative outcomes can be incredibly damaging to the original company's reputation and its profits. In the end, it may be necessary to take legal action against the imitator.

One way a company can help bolster their legal claim for restitution is through copyright protections. As you may already know from previous posts, businesses can protect their intellectual property by obtaining copyrights through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. These copyrights can do everything from trademark a company slogan, a brand image and even a product. With these copyrights in hand, a company can better prove infringement and help recover damages through litigation.

Taking legal action to recoup lost damages may not be an intuitive process for most business owners. That's because their knowledge lies in running a business, not seeking justice through the law. That's why, in cases of copyright infringement, it's a good idea to obtain the services of a skilled business law attorney, such as through our firm, SAC Attorneys LLP. With an experienced attorney at your side, you can rest assured you are tackling a civil claim correctly and that you are seeking the restitution you deserve.

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