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Intellectual Property Lawsuit Moves Forward Against Mattel

Posted on in Intellectual Property

Keeping your intellectual property protected is vital for any business. A stolen or borrowed idea can often lead to a monetary loss. When someone steals your intellectual property, you have the right to seek compensation and put a stop to the activity. A recent ruling in the Los Angeles Superior Court shows just how important it is for companies to respect the intellectual property of other companies.

The lawsuit pits Mattel against MGA Entertainment. MGA Entertainment claims that Mattel spied on them at toy shows. MGA Entertainment claims they have a claim to ownership over the Bratz doll line.

The chief executive officer for MGA Entertainment says that this $1 billion trade-secret lawsuit shows that large companies that are publicly traded can't break the law. He claims that Mattel has been stealing trade secrets from toy companies for many years.

Mattel executives claimed that the lawsuit shouldn't have been allowed because of the statute of limitations in California. If MGA Entertainment is successful in this lawsuit, it will be the second time a jury has ruled against Mattel.

In April 2011, jurors issued a verdict against Mattel and awarded MGA Entertainment $85 million for compensatory damages. The judge presiding over that case added an equal amount in punitive damages to that total. The jury verdict was overturned by an appellate court, but Mattel was still required to pay $137.8 million in fees for MGA Entertainment.

Battling for your intellectual property is one way you can ensure your profits aren't stolen by another company. Working with someone familiar with intellectual property law can help you to learn your options and pursue your claims. Our San Jose business attorneys can discuss your intellectual property dispute.

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