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Learning From Anthem's Significant Security Breach

Posted on in Business Formation and Planning

Over the past two years, numerous large companies have experienced significant data breaches. These data breaches have impacted the reputations of these businesses, their public perception and their bottom-line. It is therefore important that all businesses which have yet to be affected by a data security breach learn from the experiences of those who have been affected.

It does not matter if a business is large or small. If a business uses the Internet for virtually any aspect of its operations, it can almost certainly be hacked. Virtual ordering, banking, record keeping, customer correspondence, intellectual property storage and other operational activities can generally be hacked if they are not sufficiently protected.

When attempting to protect your business's virtual data and operations, it is important to consult an attorney about any privacy laws that you may need to be aware of moving forward. It is also important to seek guidance on what kinds of information employees can legally share and access and what kinds of information must be kept private and protected.

As intellectual property is often the most valuable asset a business possesses, it is important to understand what kinds of protections the law affords those businesses which ultimately become victims of security breaches affecting that intellectual property. Finally, it can be beneficial to understand what kinds of liability your business may face if private employee or customer information is compromised.

Ensuring that your virtual data and presence is protected is important. But learning about these other nuanced legal areas tied to potential breaches is also vitally important too.

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