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New Laws California Employers Need To Comply With - Part II

Posted on in Business Litigation

Last week, we began a discussion about new California laws that have either recently become effective or will become effective soon. Specifically, we discussed a new law that requires businesses to provide workers with paid sick leave beginning July 1 of this year. In addition, we discussed the new law that requires employers who must train their supervisors in certain sexual harassment matters to include an abusive conduct component within that training.

These first two new laws clearly illustrate why it may benefit employers to regularly consult with an employment law attorney. Federal and state employment laws are constantly evolving. Maintaining regular access to guidance regarding new or revised laws may help employers avoid liability and better serve their employees.

In addition to the two new laws we discussed in our last post, a few other pressing state laws have either recently gone into effect or will go into effect soon. For example, AB 1897 insists that employers who utilize the services of independent contractors must assume joint liability for wages and workers' compensation insurance for these contractors under certain circumstances.

Finally, AB 1443 extends workplace discrimination and anti-harassment protections to both volunteers and unpaid interns. This is an important advancement for both of these groups and should hopefully ensure a safer working environment for all.

A complex law has also been enacted in regards to foreign labor. If your business contracts with foreign laborers, you may wish to consult your attorney about the specifics of this new law in particular. And as always, if you have questions about any federal or state employment laws, do not hesitate to seek guidance from a legal professional. Our San Jose employment lawyers can discuss your questions and unqiue situation.

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