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Reasons To Switch Your Registered Agent

Posted on in Business Litigation

Laws which govern the formation and operation of businesses and corporations within the United States are both complex and nuanced. As a result, it is generally important to regularly consult with an attorney experienced in business and corporate law, given that failure to comply with these nuanced and complex laws can result in a host of potentially costly negative consequences.

An experienced attorney can take much of the guess work out of legal questions about the formation of a business and corporate operations. For example, an attorney would be able to advise a corporation that it is required to designate an individual as a registered agent. A registered agent is ultimately responsible for accepting significant legal documentation on behalf of the corporation. This is an important responsibility and it is therefore one that must be treated with respect and care.

Under certain circumstances, it may be beneficial to shift the responsibilities of the individual or entity designated as a registered agent to a different person or entity. These circumstances can be straightforward or complex and delicate in nature. Perhaps a corporation’s designated agent has died, retired, changed jobs, taken ill or simply does not wish to retain the responsibilities of an agent anymore. Or perhaps a corporation’s designated agent has proven to be unreliable or otherwise irresponsible.

No matter what the reason may be for changing registered agents, it is important to speak with your attorney as soon as this need arises. The laws in your jurisdiction may only give you a short period of time to name a new agent or to otherwise shift the agent’s responsibility.

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