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Social Media Isn't Just For Teens. It's A Powerful Business Tool.

Social media has revolutionized more than the way teenagers communicate. It has revolutionized the way we do business. It has become a powerful aspect of marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and companies. Mike Kawula says it is more than a powerful tool. He said it is a "must have" for success.

Who is Mike Kawula? He is an entrepreneur who has been given the nickname "The Self Employed King" due to his impressive resume. It includes building a $20,000 per week cleaning business and an online retail store that exploded in sales and is now worth millions. His formula for success is "Traffic x Conversions = Customers."

What does that equation mean if you are starting a business or already own one?

  • Traffic: Search engine optimization or SEO is a process used to increase the visibility of your website in results on search engines, like Google, with the goal of getting more users to visit your website. SEO includes being on Facebook, LinkedIn or writing blogs for potential clients, and much more.
  • Conversion: Regardless of what type of network your customers use, you do not just need visitors to access your pages or profiles. You need to target their needs and convince them through valuable content to call you, email you or visit your store.
  • Customers: If you get people to your site and get them to contact you, you have the power to turn them into clients or customers.

Kawula argues that the content you include is the most important aspect of your strategy, but that every business must tailor its strategy to its needs. For instance, if you are selling baby products, you may want to consider utilizing "mom blogs" or Facebook. His last piece of advice is to start small. Don't start with a huge campaign. Test your strategy on a local level or on just one Social Media site.

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