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The Basics: What You Need To Know About Trademarks

Posted on in Intellectual Property

Imagine for a moment the logo used by Target. The logo used by Starbucks. The logo used by Apple. The logo used by McDonald's. These logos have become iconic. They have become so widely and easily recognizable that even children who have yet to learn how to read can identify these companies, their stores and their products simply by being exposed to these logos.

If a company other than these corporate giants attempted to used these protected logos without permission, that company would likely find itself on the business end of a trademark lawsuit. It is because logos, symbols, words and other identifying business markers are so valuable to the branding and marketing strategies of businesses that trademarks are so vitally important.

Failure to register a trademark may leave a business vulnerable not only to infringement but also to lawsuits by competitors insisting that they were the ones who thought up a given logo, symbol, identifying word or identifying phrase first.

If your business identifies with a certain symbol, phrase, word or logo, please speak with an attorney experienced in trademark law about protecting this important aspect of your business. Similarly, if you have been accused of trademark infringement or wish to accuse another business of trademark infringement, please speak to an attorney. An experienced San Jose intellectual property lawyer at our firm can guide you through your legal options so that you can make informed decisions about your plan of action. Investing time and resources into protecting your business now may save you any number of headaches later on.

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