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The San Jose employment lawyers at SAC Attorneys LLP recognize that defending against a discrimination claim can be costly in terms of time and money, in addition to the distraction from your company’s daily operations. Our skilled team has more than 50 years of combined legal experience, and we are equipped to help you and your business manage the potentially dangerous situation that such claims often present.

Santa Clara Employment Law Defense Counsel

If an employee believes that he or she has been denied an opportunity or promotion or has been fired due to his or her race, age, sex, gender identity, disability, or one of many other personal characteristics, he or she may file a discrimination claim against the company in question with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC. When this happens to your business, you have little choice but to mount the best possible defense in response to the claim.

Your defense will likely require a comprehensive investigation, including interviews with key personnel and an exhaustive review of company documents and records. Throughout the process, your business must still continue to operate and to serve your customers. Our skilled business attorneys can assist you in managing your defense without jeopardizing the profitability or future of your company.

Preventing Discrimination Claims in California

The simplest and most effective way to deal with a discrimination claim is to prevent it from occurring through carefully considered and evenly applied employment policies. From the application process to promotion and advancement to termination for any reason, your company’s procedures should be developed in such a way that discrimination is never tolerated. The lawyers at SAC Attorneys LLP have the knowledge and skills to help you create strategies for recruitment, hiring, evaluating, promoting, and even terminating employees equitably and without regard for protected characteristics.

Despite your best efforts, an individual may still file a discrimination claim against you and your business. When this happens, it is up to you to prove that you acted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Evidence such as your employee handbook, notes of conversations, documented disciplinary actions, and witness testimony can all be used to help build your case.

Problem-Solving Attorneys Serving San Francisco

In most cases, a discrimination claim filed with the EEOC will be directed toward an informal process known as conciliation, which is essentially a type of alternative dispute resolution similar to mediation. Conciliation includes both parties, their representation, and officials from the EEOC. Our attorneys recognize that, in some cases, conciliation may offer the best opportunity to resolve your case without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. If conciliation fails to yield a resolution, the filing party will have been granted the right to file a lawsuit in federal court. No matter how complex the case may be, we are prepared advocate on your behalf both at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

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If your business has become the subject of an employment discrimination claim, you need legal assistance immediately. Contact our office to discuss your case today. Call 408-436-0789 to schedule a free consultation at SAC Attorneys LLP. Our represents companies of all types in San Jose, San Francisco, San Mateo, Morgan Hill, Cupertino, Fremont, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and the rest of Santa Clara County.

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