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As an employer, disputes with your workforce can cause significant problems and destroy the profit margin of your business. Whenever possible, it is better to resolve these problems preemptively before they occur through careful planning and sound legal counsel from an experienced team of employment law attorneys.

Representing the Interests of Silicon Valley Employers

At SAC Attorneys LLP, we provide sound legal counsel and representation for employers in a variety of employment law matters. We have decades of experience navigating business and employment law.

Our law firm can assist employers with:

  • Employment contracts: We help clients with employment contracts, covenants not to compete, severance packages, executive compensation and other employment contract matters.
  • Best practices, legal compliance, and employee policies: It is critical for employers to stay in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, to maintain good relationships with the workforce and to maintain a safe, productive working environment. At SAC Attorneys LLP, our San Jose employment lawyers help businesses create solid strategies, best practices, safety plans, employee policies and other important documents and procedures.
  • International employment concerns: If you are working with a workforce overseas or have any employees traveling abroad, it is important to consider the legal ramifications involved. With international law experience and strong connections in Taiwan, China and various European countries, our business attorneys can help you protect your legal interests in all international employment matters.
  • Employment disputes: As an employer facing a dispute with an individual or group within your workforce, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately. These disputes have a tendency to escalate and create more significant long-term problems if not handled properly. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience with business litigation and employment disputes involving claims of discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, unsafe working environment and other related claims. We can examine the dispute you are facing and advise you as to your rights and options.
  • Workforce or operational changes: We can advise employers through transitional changes in a company, such as mergers, acquisitions, and other changes. Our business attorneys can help ensure compliance through these transitions and help implement effective strategies.

Dedicated San Francisco Employment Attorneys

From our home office in San Jose, California, our law firm serves Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and beyond. If you are in need of sound legal advice to help you manage your employer-employee relationships, turn to our law firm for guidance. Call 408-436-0789, or contact us online.

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