It is not uncommon for any business, in any industry, to experience conflict with one or more of their employees. Whether their actions are disruptive in the workplace, disrespectful to co-workers, or damaging to the business’s reputation, it is critical to respond to and quickly resolve matters through sound employment counseling practices.

Establish Expectations

Working proactively to correct the attitudes and behaviors of a difficult employee is a better strategy than waiting and reacting to a situation that has become untenable. Allowing even a single difficult employee to disrupt the workplace can have a negative impact on morale, productivity, and even profitability. Consider implementing some of the following employee performance review tips to help set clear standards and expectations for your employees:

  • Make sure employees are aware of company-wide expectations and goals. This information may be covered during training, and follow-up discussions with groups of employees often help to reinforce the ideas.
  • The formal performance review should not be the first time an employee learns of the habits, attitudes, or results that are in need of improvement. Providing regular feedback, both positive and negative, ensures that an employee knows you are aware of their effort (or lack thereof) and allows them time to make necessary corrections.
  • Obtain information from a worker’s colleagues to ensure you have a complete view of any situation prior to addressing matters with the employee.
  • Have a conversation. When addressing issues that need correction, allow the employee to present ideas for their own improvement. Encouraging employees to take ownership of and responsibility for their development is a sound strategy.
  • When addressing problems with an employee’s behavior or performance, it is important to be specific, so they understand exactly what is causing the issue and what they must do to avoid from acting in that manner in the future.

Implementing these and other strategies, as well as working with an experienced team of employment law attorneys, can help you maintain a cooperative and efficient work environment.

Set Effective Business Standards with an Experienced Silicon Valley Employment Counseling Attorney

Working proactively is an excellent way to avoid common problems that your business might experience with its employees. Seek the counsel of an experienced employment law attorney to solve recurring issues and head off potential problems. At SAC Attorneys LLP, we use our knowledge and resources to help our clients establish sound employee standards that delineate proper office decorum and create clear business practices. Contact a San Jose employment counseling lawyer at 408-436-0789 to schedule a free initial consultation and learn how establishing clear employee standards can help your business operate more effectively.