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Throughout the Santa Clara Valley, business owners and entrepreneurs are often bombarded with offers to merge their company with another. In some cases, a business in the region will look to acquire or absorb another company so as to reach a more diverse customer base and offer better quality goods, services, or technology. At SAC Attorneys LLP, we assist business owners in a variety of industries as they explore opportunities for the future. We handle all aspects of mergers and acquisitions to ensure that our clients’ interests are fully protected.

The San Jose business law attorneys at our firm have more than 50 years of combined legal experience that we rely on to provide top-quality representation to business owners throughout Santa Clara County. Our lawyers realize that getting to know a client takes time and focused personal attention, and doing so allows us to identify and address each client’s needs, goals, and long-term business plans. We understand the importance of carefully analyzing every opportunity so that when the right one presents itself, you will be prepared to take action.

Santa Clara County Mergers Lawyers

A merger is a business deal that combines two or companies into a single entity that draws from the strengths of each company. In some cases, merged companies will continue operating under the name and organization of one of the existing businesses. In others, an entirely new company will be formed. At SAC Attorneys LLP, we provide trusted guidance to business owners at every step of the process. We draft and review merger proposals, restructuring plans, and contracts. Our lawyers can also help with securing financing and all the concerns related to creating a new business entity.

Acquisitions Attorneys Serving Fremont and Morgan Hill

Compared to a merger, an acquisition is often seen as more one-sided, but this is not always the case. An acquisition typically involves a larger or more diverse company purchasing all or a majority interest in a smaller business. This is a common type of business transaction, especially in Silicon Valley where tech startups can quickly become attractive to bigger, technology-focused companies. Our law firm is equipped to work with companies on both sides of an acquisition. If you are looking to buy out a smaller business, we can help you secure the capital to do so and to restructure your company to accommodate your new holdings. If your business is being acquired by another, we can assist you in setting the terms of the deal so that your long-term security is not compromised.

At SAC Attorneys LLP, we also handle other, similar transactions such as divestitures and reorganizations while keeping your company fully compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. In every case, we look to minimize the potential risk and maximize profitability for our clients.

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