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A dispute involving partners or shareholders can be catastrophic to the individuals involved as well as to the business. It is important to resolve disputes of this kind as efficiently and favorably as possible. The best approach is to work with a team of business attorneys you can trust.

At SAC Attorneys LLP in San Jose, California, we represent clients throughout the Silicon Valley and beyond. Our lawyers bring decades of combined legal experience handling partnership disputes and other civil and business litigation matters. Through litigation, mediation and other dispute resolution methods, we find solutions for our clients efficiently and effectively.

Resolving a Wide Range of Disputes

At SAC Attorneys LLP, our experienced San Jose business attorneys handle a wide range of business disputes between partners and shareholders, including:

It is important when dealing with partnership disputes of this kind to strike a balance. On the one hand, these claims need to be handled aggressively and assertively. But on the other hand, these issues need to be handled with a sophisticated, diplomatic approach, as well. We will represent your interests aggressively in your case, while doing everything possible to avoid burning bridges or jeopardizing the working relationships that could be important to your future. Our business lawyers in San Jose will work closely with you to understand your interests and get the best results possible for you.

Contact Strongly Experienced San Francisco Attorneys

If you are facing a partnership dispute, an attorney at our firm can discuss your case and provide you with effective legal options. We work closely with each client towards cost-conscious, practical solutions that serve their interests. Contact us online or call 408-436-0789. We assist tech startups and businesses in San Mateo, Santa Clara County, San Francisco, Alameda County, and throughout California.

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