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Cutting Business Costs Should Not Include Skipping Legal Advice

Posted on in Business Formation and Planning

If you are currently working to start a new business, chances are good that you've got money on your mind. More specifically, you may be consumed by worries about how much everything seems to cost. You began with a grand picture in your mind of the perfect workspace with the best equipment, but that picture probably became a little smaller once you started calculating expenses.

This is a common scenario, and one that is faced by most entrepreneurs when they are just starting out. But while it may be a good idea to settle for less than perfect in some areas, there are other areas where you should not skimp. This includes working with an experienced and highly knowledgeable business law attorney.

A recent article on the website Entrepreneur.com discussed 10 entrepreneurial land mines to avoid when starting a business. Number seven on that list: "Not paying for proper legal advice." Too many business owners decide that they cannot afford or don't need to hire an attorney. They believe they can simply find any legal forms they need online and take care of the legwork themselves.

This is technically true - in the same way that you could theoretically repair your own car rather than take it to a mechanic. But for most of us, the DIY approach would take far longer than hiring a professional, and the results might very well be disastrous.

As we have previously written, California was recently ranked as one of the worst states in the U.S. in which to start a new business. Our state's business and employment statutes are complicated and numerous, which means that it is easy to make mistakes. In the end, the cost of fixing mistakes often outweighs the costs of hiring an attorney in the first place.

At SAC Attorneys LLP, we help clients with a diverse range of business-related legal issues. If you'd like to know more about how we help California business owners realize their company's full potential, feel free to visit the business formation page on our website.

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