Spring can be a good time to catch up on important chores. This is not only the case for households, but for businesses as well.
Now, spring cleaning regarding their physical workplace is not the only type of spring cleaning that can be helpful for businesses. So too can spring cleaning regarding their digital presence and practices.

Here are some digital spring cleaning steps California business owners can take:

  • Updating their business’ website. This can include checking to make sure that the content on the site is current, the site is user-friendly, the site works the way it is supposed to and the site is mobile-device-friendly.
  • Cleaning out their work email’s inbox and making sure no important emails have been missed.
  • If their company is on social media, updating its social media presence.
  • If their business is not on social media, looking into whether going onto social media would make sense for their business.
  • Checking their business’ cyber-security measures to see if they are sufficient to protect the business’ data.
  • Updating their company’s data storage practices. For some businesses, this could involve going onto the cloud.

Why is staying on top of things digitally so important for businesses? In today’s world, a company’s digital presence and practices can touch on all sorts of fundamental things, including: how the company reaches out to and interacts with customers and potential customers, how it stores and transmits information, how it communicates with other parties, how it projects its brand and how it performs its business operations.

So, when things are off for a business when it comes to its digital practices and presence, the company could be harmed in many ways, including financially and reputation-wise. Some digital presence/practices problems could even expose a company to legal trouble, such as potential litigation.

So, this spring cleaning season, businesses may want to take a close look at digital matters.

Source: Business 2 Community, ” 10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Small Business Owners,” David Kiger, March 12, 2016