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Resolving Business Transaction Disputes What Does a Business Litigation Attorney Do? Why Do Customers File Business Transaction Disputes? Tips on Choosing a Real Estate Attorney Some Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Real Estate Co-Owning Real Property in California Ways to Invest in Real Estate in 2023 Situations When You Should Consider Consulting an Employment Lawyer (for Businesses/Employers): Part 2 Defending Against Negligent Hiring Claims: Defenses That Do and Do Not Work How an Employee Handbook Can Benefit Employers and Employees Mistakes to Avoid That Can Lead to Wrongful Termination Claims Defending Against Claims of Wage and Hour Violations Common Mistakes to Avoid While Handling Workplace Discrimination How Can an Employer Defend Themselves Against Allegations of Workplace Discrimination? How Employers Can Prevent Wage and Hour Lawsuits Avoiding Negligent Hiring: Tips for Improving Your Hiring Process How to Get Earnest Money Back Five Top Reasons for Home Buyers to Get Their Earnest Money Deposit Back Is Earnest Money Refundable? Understanding California's Pay Transparency Laws: For Employers (Part 2) Understanding California's Pay Transparency Laws: For Employers Real Estate Purchase Contract Disputes How Can Employers Avoid Negligent Hiring/Supervision? Partnership Liability to Third Parties How to Handle Discrimination Claims How to Beat Accusations of Wrongful Termination Understanding Some Basics on Partition Actions in Real-Estate Co-Ownerships Debunking Six Common Myths About Franchising Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Closely Held Corporations Advantages and Disadvantages of a Closely Held Corporation What to Watch Out for in Franchise Agreements Mistakes to Avoid as a Franchisee Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Franchisee What Constitutes a Franchise? Advantages and Disadvantages of Mergers and Acquisitions What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Venture Capital? Some Basics on Shareholder Inspection Rights in California What is the Difference Between Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud in California? Piercing the Corporate Veil in California Revisiting Non-Competes: Make Sure You are in the Clear You Should Make it Clear Who Can Bind Your Business What are Liquidated Damages? Understanding Breach of Contract in the Silicon Valley: Part 2 Understanding Breach of Contract in the Silicon Valley Important Tips for Potential Sale of Your Silicon Valley Business: Part 2 Important Tips for Potential Sale of Your Silicon Valley Business: Part 1 How Does California Senate Bill 331 Affect Silicon Valley Businesses? The Dangers of Drafting a “DIY” Employee Handbook for Your Silicon Valley Business Is a Joint Venture Agreement Necessary in California? Federal and State Law on Paid Sick Leave and COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Can a Contract be Breached for Frustration of Purpose in California? What Constitutes Illegal Franchising, and What is the Remedy? What You Need to Know About California's Anti-SLAPP Law How to Call a Shareholder Special Meeting by a Shareholder California Franchise Law Regarding Registration Requirement Keeping Your Small Business Safe From Litigation Is Your Lawyer Competent? Important Considerations Betrayed by a Trustee? Filing a Claim of Breach of Fiduciary Duty Trying to Sell Your Business During the Pandemic? So You Want to Copyright? Here is What You Need to Know What Employers Need to Know About Wage and Hour Litigation What to Do if You Found Someone Using Your Artwork Without Your Permission Everything You Need to Know About Employment Based Immigration Breach of Contract During the COVID-19 Pandemic Everything You Need to Know About Family Based Immigration The Advantages and Disadvantages of Arbitration Best State to Incorporate: Delaware or California? How to Collect Judgment from Debtor Who Has Moved To California What Consumers and Businesses Must Know About CCPA: California’s New Data Privacy Law The Effectiveness of Commercial Leases During COVID-19 What Employers Need to Know About Layoffs During COVID-19 Silicon Valley Business Law Firm Answers: What is Due Diligence? Complexities of the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act Top Due Diligence Topics for Businesses Looking to Acquire a Target Company Silicon Valley Business Law Firm Explains new Proposed Overtime Rules San Jose Intellectual Property Firm Explains Assigning Rights to Employee Inventions San Jose Immigration Law Firm Explains Upcoming Changes to the H1-B Visa Process San Jose Employment Law Firm on Sole and General Proprietorships and Limited Partnerships San Jose Business Law Firm Explains: What’s the Difference Between Different Types of Mergers? San Jose and Silicon Valley Immigration Law Firm Explains How to Survive the Surge in I-9 Audits San Jose / Silicon Valley Employment Law Firm Explains the New California Independent Contractor Test San Jose / Silicon Valley Law Firm SAC Attorneys Explains Immigration Issues Facing California Firms Ensuring Success in a Business Merger Understanding California’s Ban-The-Box Law 3 Reasons to Convert Your Business into a Limited Liability Company EB-5 Via Program Extended Through September 2018, But Reform Expected New California Law Defines “National Origin” Employment Discrimination Three Things Employers Should Know About Retirement Savings Plans An Introduction to Breach of Contract Issues for Business Owners Federal Courts Loaded With Disputes Over Intellectual Property Is Your Valuable Intellectual Property Sufficiently Protected? An Introduction to California Minimum Wage Laws for Business Owners California Demands Employers do More to Prevent Workplace Violence Should California Employers Sponsor Employees for Work Visas? Legal Strategies for Commercial Debt Collection Breach of Contract Litigation: An Example Case Pursuing Legal Remedies in Breach of Contract Cases Wage and Hour Lawsuits are on the Rise in Recent Years Protecting Against Discrimination Claims in the Workplace Fighting Wrongful Termination Claims Avoiding Post-Merger Mistakes Managing a Difficult Employee The Importance of Sound Estate Planning Following Tax Reform Effective Business Debt Collection Practices Can Partnership Disputes be Avoided? Five Ways to Avoid Employment Litigation: For Employers California is Now a Sanctuary State for Undocumented Immigrants DACA and Your Business Proceed with Care When Sponsoring Family Members The EB-6 Start-Up Visa was Frustrated, How Should Chinese Immigrants Choose? How to Close Your Business the Right Way Understanding California’s Whistleblower Law Verizon Embroiled in Labor Dispute With Two Unions Oracle and Oregon face off in website contract dispute On Intellectual Property and Viral Videos What You Need to Know About Forming a Business? Digital Spring Cleaning Employment-Based Visas: Critical Pieces to the Working Puzzle How to Draft a Business Plan to Protect Your Company? Defining a Trademark, and Why the Mark is Important Preparing for What Comes After a Breach of Contract Applying for a Patent, and What it Means for You Company’s Free Advertising may Prove to be Very Expensive Do Sports Clips Fall Under Fair use? The Jury is Still out Dept. of Labor Wants More Companies Classified as Joint Employers Important Patent Review Case Goes Before The U.S. Supreme Court Is Your Company Prepared to Respond to Sex Harassment Allegations? California’s New Minimum Wage Law is in Effect The IP Lawsuit Filed by the Grumpy Owners of a Famous Cat Eb-1 Visa Application The Importance of Protecting Your Intellectual Property EB-1 Petition Should You Dissociate From Your LLC? What Information Do You Need to Prove Breach of Contract Occured? What Happens When a Silicon Valley Business Partnership Sours? Defining Investment Fraud in the Silicon Valley Breach of Contract Claims: Statute of Limitations Steps to Take After a Breach of Contract Occurs How to Form a Partnership in California Mistakes That Could Put Your Deposit at Risk Common Issues That Arise During Real Estate Transactions Tips for Preventing Business Transaction Disputes and Litigation How to Purchase an Existing Business in California Arbitration in Business Disputes: How it Works Reasons Why Working With External Dispute Resolvers May Be a Good Idea for Organizations Arbitration in Business Disputes: Avoid These Five Mistakes Should I Have an Arbitration Clause in My Business Agreements? Myths About Arbitrating Business Disputes What is the Meaning of Burden of Proof in Business Litigation? Preparing for Business Litigation What Are the Stages of Business Litigation? Debunking Common Myths About Business Dispute Resolution Types of Evidence to Gather for Your Business Dispute Case Signs You Hired the Wrong Business Litigation Attorney Common Mistakes to Avoid in Business Litigation Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking a Business Dispute to Court Ways to Protect Your Business During Business Disputes How Can I Avoid Business Disputes? Common Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract How Much Does a Business Attorney Cost in 2024? Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA): Wage and Hour Defense Common Causes of Partnership Disputes Possible Remedies for Breaches of Fiduciary Duty What Are Dissoltion Actions? Steps for Dissolving a Business in California Should You Hire a Lawyer When Dissolving a Business? Tips for Preventing Business Dissolution Business Litigation in California: Statutes of Limitations Common Types of Business Disputes That Can Be Resolved Through Arbitration
Client Reviews
Mr. Cai Is a Diligent Attorney. My sister and I were defendants in a civil litigation case. We hired James Cai and his law firm, SAC Attorneys LLP. Mr. Cai is a diligent attorney and responded to our questions in a timely fashion. He and his staff were very helpful in keeping us informed of the proceedings of the case and in explaining each step. Mr. Cai is also very conscientious of fees and costs, and avoided unnecessary charges. The results of the Summary Adjudication sided with us. The Court Trial resulted in the “Final Statement of Decision” and “Judgment after Court Trial” overwhelmingly siding with us. Cynthia F.
I Am Truly Impressed. After spending a significant amount of time, money and efforts with my previous counsel at a larger law firm without getting meaningful results, I transferred my employment matter to SAC Attorneys LLP. The attorneys there were able to understand the complex situations of my case and put together an aggressive litigation strategy. We were able to file a compelling complaint within a week and forced the opposing party, which was represented by one of the largest law firms in California, to make a substantial settlement offer shortly thereafter. I am truly impressed by the no nonsense and results oriented approach by SAC Attorneys LLP attorneys. A job well done! X. Gao
They Took Time to Understand Our Technology. I am the founder of a bioinformatics start-up in the Silicon Valley and chose SAC Attorneys LLP as our corporate counsels. Their attorneys have great experience with high tech start-ups and were able to offer a highly competitive service plan while not sacrificing a bit of their quality of services. They took time to understand our technology and provided value added services by introducing investors and job candidates to us. We regard our attorneys at SAC Attorneys LLP not only as our legal advisors but also our venture partners. Dr. Pete S.