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Company’s Free Advertising may Prove to be Very Expensive

When it comes to effective advertising, most professionals agree that location is crucial. You need to put ads where they will be seen by the most people in order to get the maximum return on your investment.

But what happens if your business’ advertising campaign interferes with the advertising rights that a rival company paid top dollar for? This scenario is currently playing out in court between Wells Fargo and an NFL franchise.

The Minnesota Vikings are currently building a new Stadium in downtown Minneapolis. Like most sports stadiums these days, this one will bear the name of a major corporation. U.S. Bank purchased the naming rights for a reported $220 million.

Near the new $1.1 billion stadium, Wells Fargo is building its own facility, an office complex with twin towers 17 stories tall. On the roof of the new complex is an illuminated Wells Fargo sign with raised letters. This poses a problem for the Vikings franchise because the Wells Fargo sign would appear in many pictures and videos of the stadium. News sources are saying that Well Fargo is trying to “photo bomb” U.S. Bank Stadium.

The two parties had a signage agreement in place as early as 2014, but the Vikings allege that the new WF sign violates that agreement (apparently because of the illumination and raised letters). They sued Wells Fargo in December and sought an injunction to have the offending signs immediately covered.

A judge recently refused to order the signs to be covered, but did allow the larger lawsuit to proceed. Interestingly, U.S. Bank is not a party to this lawsuit.

If Wells Fargo purposely chose a sign meant to capitalize on their proximity to the stadium, their plan was certainly a clever one. But will their free advertising be worth more money than they will need to spend defending themselves in court? Only time will tell.

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Mr. Cai Is a Diligent Attorney. My sister and I were defendants in a civil litigation case. We hired James Cai and his law firm, SAC Attorneys LLP. Mr. Cai is a diligent attorney and responded to our questions in a timely fashion. He and his staff were very helpful in keeping us informed of the proceedings of the case and in explaining each step. Mr. Cai is also very conscientious of fees and costs, and avoided unnecessary charges. The results of the Summary Adjudication sided with us. The Court Trial resulted in the “Final Statement of Decision” and “Judgment after Court Trial” overwhelmingly siding with us. Cynthia F.
I Am Truly Impressed. After spending a significant amount of time, money and efforts with my previous counsel at a larger law firm without getting meaningful results, I transferred my employment matter to SAC Attorneys LLP. The attorneys there were able to understand the complex situations of my case and put together an aggressive litigation strategy. We were able to file a compelling complaint within a week and forced the opposing party, which was represented by one of the largest law firms in California, to make a substantial settlement offer shortly thereafter. I am truly impressed by the no nonsense and results oriented approach by SAC Attorneys LLP attorneys. A job well done! X. Gao
They Took Time to Understand Our Technology. I am the founder of a bioinformatics start-up in the Silicon Valley and chose SAC Attorneys LLP as our corporate counsels. Their attorneys have great experience with high tech start-ups and were able to offer a highly competitive service plan while not sacrificing a bit of their quality of services. They took time to understand our technology and provided value added services by introducing investors and job candidates to us. We regard our attorneys at SAC Attorneys LLP not only as our legal advisors but also our venture partners. Dr. Pete S.