When it comes to attaining new, skilled employees who show a lot of promise, companies don’t care where they come from. What they do need to care about is making sure that every hire is done properly and is in compliance with the law. So when companies look abroad to recruit new talent, they need to make sure that every step they take is done so methodically and legally.

Employment visas are incredibly valuable for both parties involved in the visa. For the employer, they can bring in a talented person who will help their company grow. For the employee, they get a chance to realize their professional dreams while also having the opportunity to live in the United States. In addition, they can turn that employment-based visa into a chance at a permanent stay in the U.S.

Employment-based visas (or EB visas) come in a variety of forms. From EB-1 to EB-5, these visas all serve specialized functions. Some are for people of exceptional skill; some are for people who work in niche industries or areas; others still are for people with exceptional talent in athletics, the arts and business. These visas can help many people and many companies.

But as we mentioned earlier, the legal side of these visas are the most important — not the intent or the dreams behind the visas. Both parties, the company and the potential employee, need to work hard and compliantly to ensure that the EB visa they are working towards is completed in a proper manner.