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Contracts are the lifeblood of business in America. Business gets done by two or more entities making agreements, solidified in contract form. If you are a business owner or executive, your business’ success or failure will depend in large part on how well you handle the contractual component. With the help of an experienced contracts attorney, you can protect your interests for long-term success.

At SAC Attorneys LLP in San Jose, California, we represent clients in the Silicon Valley and beyond. With decades of combined business law experience, our attorneys represent clients with negotiation, drafting and review of all types of contracts.

Types of Contracts

We regularly handle contracts such as:

  • Contracts for new businesses: At the onset of a new business, we can help you draft shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, operating documents and other business formation contracts.
  • Employment contracts: Our San Jose business lawyers provide counsel for employers in terms of contracts, best practices, employee policies and related matters.
  • Vendor contracts: We can help protect your interests when working with other vendors of goods and service on which your business relies.
  • Purchase, sale and service contracts: Our attorneys represent businesses in all types of contracts involving purchases, sales and services offered.
  • Real estate contracts: Real estate is a major operating factor for most businesses. Our lawyers can protect your interests in the purchase, sale, rental or lease of property used by your business.
  • International contracts: Every country has different laws, regulations and more when it comes to contracts. With well-established connections to the business communities in China, Taiwan and many European countries, we can help you negotiate and enter into viable contracts with international entities.

Our lawyers offer a wealth of experience in business law, having worked at large law firms representing major corporations. We are well-poised to represent business of all sizes, from small businesses to mid-sized businesses. Our dedication to efficiency, attention to detail, and personalized service promotes an excellent client experience while ensuring a favorable outcome.

Contract Breaches

Contracts can be breached in several ways:

  • Material breach: When a party fails to perform a part of a contract that allows the other party to recover damages due to the breach. These are usually very substantial breaches that cause harm to the other party.
  • Minor breach: This is a partial breach that is less severe than a material breach, but still allows the other party to collect some type of damage.
  • Fundamental breach: This type of breach is so serious that it allows the other party to terminate the contract and sue for damages
  • Anticipatory breach: This is when one party refuses to perform according to the terms of the contract.

What Happens When a Contract is Breached?

If a party believes that another party has violated the terms of a contract, he or she can seek to have the contract enforced by taking legal action. In such cases, representation from an experienced business attorney is usually required. Your attorney may attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. If these avenues fail, you have the option of taking your case to court.

If the dispute involves a small dollar figure, taking your case to small claims court is also a viable option.

Skilled San Francisco Attorneys

If you need assistance with reviewing, drafting, or enforcing a business contract, contact SAC Attorneys LLP. Schedule a consultation by calling (408) 436-0789. You can also contact us via email. We serve clients in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Alameda County, San Francisco, and throughout California.

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I Am Truly Impressed. After spending a significant amount of time, money and efforts with my previous counsel at a larger law firm without getting meaningful results, I transferred my employment matter to SAC Attorneys LLP. The attorneys there were able to understand the complex situations of my...

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They Took Time to Understand Our Technology. I am the founder of a bioinformatics start-up in the Silicon Valley and chose SAC Attorneys LLP as our corporate counsels. Their attorneys have great experience with high tech start-ups and were able to offer a highly competitive service plan while not...

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